Reach Higher



When the calendar changes from one year to the next everyone has resolutions.  Everyone sets goals for the new year.

  • “I want to lose weight”
  • “I want to read more”
  • “I want to save more”

The sad thing is most of those goals are forgotten by February…if not sooner.  Why does that happen?  There are lots of reasons like lack of discipline or poor planning or circumstances change and the goal becomes impossible.

But a lot of times the goal is forgotten because it just isn’t inspiring enough.  We don’t reach higher because the thing we are reaching for just isn’t worth what it takes to get there.  The goal isn’t worth the grit.

Reach Higher is a series about goals that matter.  Reach Higher is a series about living a life with purpose.  Reach Higher is a call to make the Gospel clear in this world and our area.

Reach Higher starts January 10th at 10am at CityView Church (get directions here).