Free The Captives

To cap off our Generous Life series the elders of CityView church decided to do something unprecedented in the history of the church. On January 27th CityView took an entire Sunday offering and gave it to our new partner, Free the Captives.

Free the Captives is a faith-based anti-human trafficking 501(c)(3) non-profit that fights the exploitation and trafficking of Houston’s youth. We engage and mobilize the Christian community while partnering with non-profits, law enforcement, and government agencies in the fight against modern day slavery.

We wanted to partner with this organization and demonstrate generosity in a big way. We’re excited to work with Free the Captives and do our part to help with their mission.

The Money Challenge

“For The First Time Ever”

“For the first time ever”

That’s not a meaningless phrase.  That’s the phrase being used by the National Weather Service to describe our Flash Flood Emergency here in Houston.  There have been more than 1000 water rescues over night.  As of this morning there have been 5 people die due to flooding.  There have been between 20-30 inches of rain fall overnight. Flooding is rampant and the rain from Hurricane Harvey keeps coming.  People in the 500 year floodplain are getting dangerously close to flooding.  Please pray for Houston.

Here is some Scripture I’ve been praying this morning:

28 Then they cried to the LORD in their trouble, and he delivered them from their distress.
29 He made the storm be still, and the waves of the sea were hushed.
30 Then they were glad that the waters were quiet, and he brought them to their desired haven. 
31 Let them thank the LORD for his steadfast love, for his wondrous works to the children of man! – Psalm 107:28-31

We love this city.  Here are some specifics to pray for:

  • Pray for the path of Hurricane Harvey to move.
  • Pray for the rain to stop so we can drain.
  • Pray for first responders, doctors, and nurses as they minister.
  • Pray for the poor in our area.  Most are sheltered, but there is much to deal with after this.
  • Pray for the city and surrounding areas.

Our church, CityView Church, is taking donations to help deal with immediate issues in our area. When you give, specify “Disaster Relief”, and 100% will go towards helping neighbors in our area.

You can donate here.

Discern The Culture: 13 Reasons Why 

I would like to address a current social issue that our students are facing in hopes that it encourages and equips you to open the lines of communication with your teenager.

Recently, Netflix released a new teen drama, 13 Reasons Why, in which the main character has died by suicide and sends tapes to people in her life explaining how their actions lead to her choice to end her life. I believe it is important to understand that suicide is connected to mental illness and the two must be recognized as concurrent conditions. Bullying often plays a role, but it is not the sole reason behind a suicide. This show does not reveal any connections between mental illness and suicide, it does not show young people what positive actions they can take to receive help and it focuses on placing blame on others.

This week I have been deeply disturbed by the premise of this show and it’s irresponsibility with its handling of teenaged suicide. It ignores what research reveals in cases of suicide prevention, specifically almost all of the research-based guidelines for depicting suicide in media conducted by the World Health Organization. Ultimately, the final episode focuses on illustrating the girl’s suicide in graphic detail. This is widely known to increase the risk of suicide, specifically imitative.

For many, your teens may have already seen the show. Make sure you talk to them about the nature of its content. Sensationalizing suicide is harmful and can have a drastic impact on the brains of our children. The frontal lobes of their brains have not completed growth and as a result rational thought is often diminished. This is just one of the reasons why what appears to be a simple TV show can profoundly influence your teen’s actions.


Most Importantly

Additionally, if your child struggles with mental illness talk to them about how precious they are to God. Remind them that we bear His image, the image of the One who created all of heaven and earth (Genesis 1:27). Not only that, but His actions have proven to us His faithfulness and His word assures us that He is concerned with even the smallest details of our lives (Matthew 6:26).

When it comes to struggling with lies about our worth, we must remember to rely solely on Truth. Even in the midst of the most severe anxiety and deep depression, God’s word will not return void. Meditate on Scripture, not the fallacies of this dark, lost world in which we live.

If you need any help with knowing how to talk to your children, want some resources or need assistance with finding a mental health professional email me at

By Kaitlyn Thompson
Kaitlyn is a social worker in League City. She and her husband Chase lead our student ministry at CityView Church in Pearland, TX.


CityView Owns Land!

Prayerfully, we set out in January of 2016 to find a long-term home for CityView Church of Pearland.  After months of searching CityView Church owns land!  We were able to close on the land the last week of January and we now own 5 acres.  The 5 acre tract is located on Manvel Road (1128) and roughly 500ft from the Bailey intersection near Massey Ranch Elementary School.  The land is mostly cleared and undeveloped.  This is a gigantic blessing for us and a monumental step forward and the only one we have to thank is our Lord who made it possible.  5-acres-1128-bailey

Next Step

We kicked off our prayerful search for land on our 2nd Anniversary.  Because God is faithful and gracious to us we were able to announce the purchase of land on our 3rd Anniversary.  Now we begin looking at our next step.

What If…

What if we were able to break ground on our property by our 4th Anniversary? What if we could talk about God’s faithfulness to us again and show it in tangible ways to our community here in Pearland?

What if on our 5th Anniversary we were celebrating inside of our own building? Wouldn’t that be unbelievable?  It almost seems too far beyond us.  It is.

It is beyond us.  But that’s what CityView Church is about.  We want to look beyond ourselves and see God act in big, powerful ways that get Him glory.  That’s the idea behind our vision of making gospel-centered disciples of Jesus and planting 100 churches in 25 years in the Houston area.  That sounds too big for us, but we’re doing it.  CityView has sent 3 planters since it’s founding. The fourth planter is on the way.  Lord willing Nathan Law will be on the ground this Spring serving at CityView and preparing to plant a church in the near future.

We need God to show up to make the big vision of CityView happen.  We need to rely on Him in this smaller plan of a long-term home for CityView as well.  We’ve seen him do amazing things already.  He’s used us in the planting of churches in Houston already.  He can use us as stewards of his resources again in this endeavor.

Now What?

On February 5, 2017 I asked the people of CityView to pray about how they might sacrifice for this plan of a long-term home for CityView Pearland and shared our goal of raising $207,500 in the calendar year 2017. We asked our people to pray and commit.  We believe this goal can be accomplished if the people of this church come together and sacrifice for the vision of what God is doing in Pearland and Houston through CityView Church.

If you’re interested in contributing, we’d appreciate it!  You can do it here:

Christ is all,

Pastor Jason

CityView Easter Egg Hunts- Volunteer Signup

If you’re a member or regular attender at CityView, we still need help with volunteer positions at both of these Block Parties! We’d love for you to serve with us- it’s always a great time. Fill out our contact form below, or contact your Life-Group Leader if you’re interested in serving.

Please indicate which Easter Egg Hunt you’d prefer to serve at- Silverlake or Shadow Creek.

Shadow Creek-

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CityView Easter Egg Hunts!


Every year, we have a blast hosting our Easter Egg Hunts in neighborhoods here in Pearland. In 2015, we saw over two hundred people come out and share in the fun together hunting eggs, meeting their neighbors, and taking pictures with the Easter Bunny. We’re so excited to get back out there this year! We hope to see you and family out hunting eggs on Saturday, and we’d sure love to see you celebrating with us on Easter morning as well.

Information on the Easter Egg Hunts are detailed above! For more information, feel free to contact us.

CityView Members and Regular Attenders- we could use your help volunteering. Follow this link to sign up:

CityView Easter Egg Hunts- Volunteer Signup

Reach Higher



When the calendar changes from one year to the next everyone has resolutions.  Everyone sets goals for the new year.

  • “I want to lose weight”
  • “I want to read more”
  • “I want to save more”

The sad thing is most of those goals are forgotten by February…if not sooner.  Why does that happen?  There are lots of reasons like lack of discipline or poor planning or circumstances change and the goal becomes impossible.

But a lot of times the goal is forgotten because it just isn’t inspiring enough.  We don’t reach higher because the thing we are reaching for just isn’t worth what it takes to get there.  The goal isn’t worth the grit.

Reach Higher is a series about goals that matter.  Reach Higher is a series about living a life with purpose.  Reach Higher is a call to make the Gospel clear in this world and our area.

Reach Higher starts January 10th at 10am at CityView Church (get directions here).

LABELED – What’s Your Label?



Labels define us.  They tell people who we are.  We are successful or failures.  We are tall or short.  We are intelligent or not…  But, what if we are more than the labels that we’ve accumulated?  What if we are labeled differently than we’d ever known?  What if we are better than the labels that we think define us?

Labeled is a series explaining the difference between who we’ve been told we are and who God says we are.  We’ll be studying Ephesians 1.1-2.10.  Join us on September 13 – 27th as we explore our true labels.

Read Me 2

read me

Here is this week’s reading plan:

  • Monday: 1 John 2.22-27
  • Tuesday: 1 John 2.28-29
  • Wednesday: 1 John 3.1-3
  • Thursday: 1 John 3.4-10
  • Friday: 1 John 3.11-15
  • Saturday: 1 John 3.16-18