CityView Summer Calendar 2017


July 23th: Church Lunch

Sundays, August 6th thru 27th: Believe Me Class

August 27th: Church Lunch

September 10th: CityView returns to two services (@ 9am and 10:30am)

Discern The Culture: 13 Reasons Why 

I would like to address a current social issue that our students are facing in hopes that it encourages and equips you to open the lines of communication with your teenager.

Recently, Netflix released a new teen drama, 13 Reasons Why, in which the main character has died by suicide and sends tapes to people in her life explaining how their actions lead to her choice to end her life. I believe it is important to understand that suicide is connected to mental illness and the two must be recognized as concurrent conditions. Bullying often plays a role, but it is not the sole reason behind a suicide. This show does not reveal any connections between mental illness and suicide, it does not show young people what positive actions they can take to receive help and it focuses on placing blame on others.

This week I have been deeply disturbed by the premise of this show and it’s irresponsibility with its handling of teenaged suicide. It ignores what research reveals in cases of suicide prevention, specifically almost all of the research-based guidelines for depicting suicide in media conducted by the World Health Organization. Ultimately, the final episode focuses on illustrating the girl’s suicide in graphic detail. This is widely known to increase the risk of suicide, specifically imitative.

For many, your teens may have already seen the show. Make sure you talk to them about the nature of its content. Sensationalizing suicide is harmful and can have a drastic impact on the brains of our children. The frontal lobes of their brains have not completed growth and as a result rational thought is often diminished. This is just one of the reasons why what appears to be a simple TV show can profoundly influence your teen’s actions.


Most Importantly

Additionally, if your child struggles with mental illness talk to them about how precious they are to God. Remind them that we bear His image, the image of the One who created all of heaven and earth (Genesis 1:27). Not only that, but His actions have proven to us His faithfulness and His word assures us that He is concerned with even the smallest details of our lives (Matthew 6:26).

When it comes to struggling with lies about our worth, we must remember to rely solely on Truth. Even in the midst of the most severe anxiety and deep depression, God’s word will not return void. Meditate on Scripture, not the fallacies of this dark, lost world in which we live.

If you need any help with knowing how to talk to your children, want some resources or need assistance with finding a mental health professional email me at

By Kaitlyn Thompson
Kaitlyn is a social worker in League City. She and her husband Chase lead our student ministry at CityView Church in Pearland, TX.


20/20- The Vision of CityView Church


This August, CityView will reach back to the core values and ideas that led to it’s planting in West Pearland. CityView was commissioned in September 2013, with a vision to make gospel-centered disciples and to plant 100 churches in Houston in the next 25 years. In the almost three years since, CityView has continued to strive towards those goals, and we’ll spend Sundays in August focused on how God’s vision for CityView has shaped our first steps, and how it will continue to shape us going forward. Clarity of vision is essential- join us as we take a closer look at what CityView is called to be.

Baby Dedication Registration

Dedication will take place in service on July 24th. A mandatory breakfast for all dedicating families will take place on July 23rd- you will be contacted with details. We’re so excited to share this day with you!

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Summer @ CityView 2019

Warm weather is here, and we’re excited for fun in the sun here in Pearland. Here’s what’s going on over the summer at CityView…

5/26- Church Lunch + Field Day

After service- field day to follow.

6/2- Summer Hours Begin

Church Starts at 10am!

6/17-22 – Youth Camp

Orange Beach, Alabama. Completed grades 7th-12th.

7/7- Church Lunch

After service.

7/10-14 – Preteen Camp

Trinity Pines. Completed grades 3rd-6th.

8/4- Church Lunch

After service.

9/1- Church Lunch

After service.

Check back regularly to see additional events and summer fun!

Read Me! Class Videos

read me
This past summer, we had a wonderful time gathering together on Sunday evenings to learn together how to dive deeper into God’s word. Here are the videos from those sessions. Our hope and prayer is that these videos would help to deepen your connection with and understanding of scripture, whether you’re opening your bible for the first time or the thousandth.

Below each videos, you can find links to the handouts for that session.

Handouts- Video 1
Read Me, Part I
How Should I Study The Bible

Handout- Video 2
Read Me, Part II

Handouts- Video 3
Read Me, Part III
Biblical Genres

Galatians 1 Devotion and Reading Guide

Free: a study of Galatians

Monday (Background to Galatians):

  • Read Acts 13-14 This is where the churches in Galatia were planted.
  • Point to ponder – The Gospel gives birth.
  • Question to consider – Who needs to be born again in your life?


  • Read Galatians 1.1-5 5 Times
  • Point to ponder – Jesus sacrificed to save you.
  • Question to consider – What did Jesus save YOU from?  Be specific.


  • Read Galatians 1.6-10 5 Times
  • Point to ponder – Jesus + ANYTHING else is NOT the Gospel.
  • Question to consider – Who are you seeking to please?


  • Read Galatians 1.11-17 5 Times
  • Point to ponder – You were loved before you had life.
  • Question to consider – When did you belied the Gospel?


  • Read Galatians 1.18-24 5 Times
  • Point to ponder – Glory is given to the Changer.
  • Question to consider – How has God changed you?

Survey Results

Recently, CityView Church surveyed part of Silverlake in Pearland, Texas.  We had more than 200 responses.  Here are the results.

Question 1: If David Letterman asked for the “Top 10 Reasons People Don’t Go To Church”, what would your Top 3 answers be?  (These are the top 5 answers)

  1. Too Busy – 45% of people said they were too busy to go to church.
  2. Lazy – 22% of people said that it was an issue of laziness or being too tired.
  3. Doubt The Christian Message – 15% of people said that people didn’t go to church because they doubt or don’t believe the Christian message.
  4. Bad Experience/Church Has Hypocrites – 14% of people said that they had a bad experience or the churches were full of hypocrites.
  5. Not Relevant – 12% of people said that church was boring or not relevant.

Question 2: Which music genres are most important to you and your family?

  1. Anything/All Genres – 21%
  2. Rock – 20%
  3. Country Music – 19%
  4. R&B/Hip Hop – 12%
  5. Talk Radio 7%

Question 3: We’re starting a new church in the area. What are the top 3 things you would look for if you were looking for a church to attend?  What do you think community needs. 

  1. Kids Ministry – 58% of people said that churches needed to have a strong children’s ministry.
  2. Welcoming Environment – 42% of people said that they wanted a church that was open and welcoming to outsiders.
  3. Bible/Scriptural Emphasis – 24% of people said that they wanted the Bible to be taught.
  4. Community Transformation – 19% of people said that they wanted a church that met needs in the community and tried to help the neighborhood that they are situated in.
  5. Relevant and Authentic – 12% of people said that they wanted a church that was relevant and authentic in the way that they presented themselves.

How Do I Lead A Relationship Towards Jesus?


Statistics say that if someone is going to trust in Jesus they will most likely do so after hearing the Gospel from a friend.  Frequently, relationships are the incubator where the Gospel takes root.  It is rare that someone comes to faith in Jesus without someone specifically and personally sharing the Gospel with them.

But then there are questions like:

  • How do I guide a relationship towards Jesus?
  • How can I share the Gospel with my friend, family member, work associate, classmate or acquaintance?
  • How do I open that door for a dialog about Jesus?

My answer is you P.L.E.A.D. with them.


Pray for them.  It’s a real simple start.  Pray for your friend, associate, or classmate.  Specifically, ask the Lord to soften their heart towards the Gospel.  Pray that you’d be given an opportunity to share Jesus.  Pray for the relationship to build.  We’ve got to remember that it we aren’t the ones doing the saving…God is through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross for sin.  So you better ask for His help before you get to far along.


Listen to them.  It’s still pretty simple.  Listen for an opportunities to serve this individual.  Listen carefully.  Listen distinctly.  Listen for an opportunity to encourage them, help them, or serve them.  Many times when sharing the Gospel people don’t know where to start, most of the time that’s because they don’t know the person that they’re sharing Jesus with.  You’ve got to listen; it shows you care.  If you care in the little aspects of someone’s life then they are far more likely to trust you in the big aspects…like their eternal destiny. 


Eat with them.  That seems like a pretty weird thing at this point in the strategy.  What does eating with someone do?  There is something about eating with someone that opens them up.  I don’t know if it is knowing what someone else likes to eat, watching someone else chew, or the conversation that usually ensues when having a meal with someone, but there is something about eating that opens people up.


Actively serve them.  Now that you’ve prayed for them, listened to them and eaten with them it’s time to put what you’ve learned to good use.  Serve your friend.  Actively look for an opportunity to serve your friend.  If you’ve been listening to them and praying for them and building a relationship with them then you should have some idea about how to actively serve them.  Do it.  Maybe it is helping in a financial need; maybe it is offering to pray for them; maybe it is consoling someone; maybe it is sharing some expertise that you have.  Whatever it is you need to actively serve them.


DIVE IN!  Throughout this whole process of praying, listening, eating and actively serving you are earning the right to share the Person who has changed you and caused you to act this way.  So look for an opportunity and DIVE IN to the Gospel!  DIVE IN to your story of how Jesus saved you.  DIVE IN to the Good News.  By now you have demonstrated that you care for this person; continue to show that you care for them by caring for their eternal destiny.


Will It Work?

This P.L.E.A.D. strategy doesn’t guarantee results.  It doesn’t guarantee anyone is going to trust in Jesus, but it will guarantee that people are interested in why you are doing what you are doing.  They might even ask you about the hope that you have inside (1 Peter 3.15).  Jesus does the saving and it may take days, weeks, months, years or decades for this strategy to work.  BUT isn’t it how you should be living anyways?  Isn’t this the life that Jesus called us to lead?