Image Church Has a Home

IMG_3247Church planting has been an amazing journey! It is undoubtedly the process of creating something from nothing and allowing God to stretch and test your faith. Hebrews 11:1 tells us that, “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” This scripture describes my unwavering faith journey with Image Church!

One question I get asked all the time as church planter is “Hey man, I love what you are doing but where do y’all worship?” (Church planters in Texas say y’all)

Not having the answer can feel embarrassing at times because I have a church and no physical location. Ultimately, I believe the church is not a building and this belief is necessary for church planters because many church plants do not start in a building (some begin their journey in a house, garage, etc.).

When we dialogue about reaching lost and hurting people there must be a place where people can assemble, the gospel can be preached, and multiplication can take place. For example, building an extra wing on a house may not be the best idea and definitely won’t get past my wife without a worthy discussion. As the gospel is being preached how do we account for expansion? How do we have a location that is safe, spacious, and accommodating?

One day after having lunch with my Dad, I told him that we were looking for a building. He quickly said, “A member at our church is the principal of a school, you should contact her.” Again, God tells me not to worry and provides an answer to our prayers.

Weeks later we met with the principal, signed the paperwork with the school district, and now we have a location!

I am proud to announce that Hemmenway Elementary School is the location where Image Church will worship! Hemmenway is a brand new school that is located close the Grand Parkway right in the middle of Katy and Cypress. The population is very diverse but most importantly, the Principal Dr. Jae Simpson-Butler is amazing!

We are so excited about the many lives that will be changed at Hemmenway Elementary and cannot wait till our first preview service is April 2017!

Continue to keep us in your prayers and we fearlessly and faithfully pursue the calling of God in Cypress, TX.

Joseph Ogletree
Image Church

2 Services!

On August 7th I got to share CityView’s Vision Statement, speak from Matthew 16, and share where we feel like the Lord is leading us next.  You can watch that message here.

The biggest thing that we talked about was our plan to go to 2 Services in the Fall.  The Lord has blessed us with great growth over the last 30 months and this step is the next logical one for us to be able to continue this growth.

Specifically, we are looking at making this move on October 2nd.  This is an exciting step for our church, but also one that is filled with the unknown.  Whenever we have to deal with the unknown there is understandable anxiety and a million questions that follow (usually revolving around logistics):

  • When will the services be?
  • What will happen to our different Sunday AM Ministries?
  • What goes on with our kids?
  • And many more…

Let me assure you, we will be addressing these questions over the next couple months in worship, training areas, and Life Groups.  Please feel free to email me your specific questions as we move forward.  My email address is 

Additionally, as part of this preparation we’d ask that you take this brief survey.

Personally, the biggest question I’ve asked of the Lord regarding this move goes like this, “do we have enough people to have a second service?”  The quick answer to this question is yes, we’ve got to open up more space for us to grow.  However, honestly, this is one that I’ve struggled with over the last several months as well.  A couple things have been made very clear to me in these prayer times though, (kind of a gentle scolding from the Lord):

  • You didn’t have enough people 3 years ago to start a church, BUT GOD made a way from 7 couples in our living room to more than 200 regular attenders each month on Sundays and more than 35 people coming to faith in Jesus!
  • You didn’t have enough money to start a church, BUT GOD has grown CityView’s budget dramatically every year of our existence AND allowed us to raise over $275,000 in the meantime to be used for upcoming property purchase, without a dip in giving.
  • You didn’t have enough resources 1 year ago to send another church, BUT GOD made a way to send 2 (with a third on the way in November).

He’s the God who does more than we can ask, think, or imagine. He’s in control.

I think that 2 services will help us. I know 2 services will stretch us out of our comfort zones.  I know 2 services will give options and opportunities for us to invite coworkers, friends and neighbors to church.  I am hopeful that we are going to see good growth from it that will enable us to make gospel-centered disciples of Jesus and plant 100 churches in 25 years.

Christ is all,

Pastor Jason



Grow in July!



This July we want CityView to GROW!  Specifically, our hope is to see CityView grow in three specific ways.

First, we want CityView to grow in our understanding of the vision.  CityView exists to make gospel-centered disciples of Jesus and plant 100 churches in 25 years.  That vision is big and beyond us.  During July we are going to take steps to unpack what that means and what that looks like over the coming months.

Second, we want CityView to grow in its service to our area.  We will be hosting a mission team from Paris, TX and we will be teaming together to go into south Brazoria county.  Due to the recent flooding down there we have a lot of opportunity to serve people in need.  If you are interested in being a part of these relief efforts email Pastor Jason at

Third, we want to introduce our elder candidates.  These men are undergoing training in order to come into the leadership of CityView Church.  They are outstanding men with outstanding families, who love Jesus and His church.  They’ll be preaching throughout the month of July.

On July 24th is our baby dedication.  If you’d like to dedicate your children please fill out the form here.

Men and Women’s Studies at CityView CityView we want to love the roles that God has given us.  This Summer we will be holding studies for men and women to help us engage the roles God has given us.  Read about it below and enroll.

What will we study?

  • Men will be studying Act Like Men by James MacDonald (Cost: $10)
  • Women will be studying The Envy of Eve by Melissa Kruger (Cost: $12)
  • We are going to ask that all participants purchase their own book.  To make it simple we will order the books for you.  Just let us know when you enroll.  You can enroll here.
  • If you are not able to purchase the book please let me know and we’ll make sure it is taken care of.,204,203,200_.jpg?w=780&ssl=1

When will we do it?

  • 7pm Alternating Thursdays
  • Men will start on 6/16.  Subsequent Thursdays will be (6/30, 7/14, 7/28)
  • Ladies on 6/23. Subsequent Thursdays will be (7/7, 7/21, 8/4, 8/18)

Where will we meet?

  • Men will meet on the campus of Calvary Baptist Church (3302 County Rd 89, Pearland, TX 77584)
  • Women will meet at Only Love Remains Photography Studio (4420 W Broadway St, Pearland, TX 77581)

Who is overseeing this?

Clint and Stephanie Adams are going to oversee these Bible Studies.

You can enroll here

We’ve had a part of the vision of CityView that hasn’t been fully implemented yet…DNA Groups.  The plan for these groups is that they’d be small groups of 2-3 people who are of the same gender and come together on a regular basis for individual bible study, relationship, and accountability.  The purpose of these Summer studies is to launch these DNA Groups.  This will be what we are aiming for in the “off” weeks from the formalized study.  We will help put groups together on the first night and then ask you to work to meet in that group sometime during that next week.  DNA groups can meet any time during the week.  For example: men would meet on 6/16 for the LARGE group, sometime during the week of 6/23 meet with your other 2-3 guys for coffee, breakfast, etc.

160,000 People!

skyline-1024x367Almost 160,000 people!  Almost 160,000 people moved to the Houston area from July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015 (check out the story here).  That’s 3076 people a week. That’s 438 people a day.  They are moving in all over the place: Cypress, The Woodlands, Lake Jackson, Pearland, Manvel, and right on your street.  Chances are you know someone new to the area- have you met them?  Have you engaged them?  Do you know how?  Let me encourage you to do that through the P.L.E.A.D. strategy.  This strategy isn’t cold call evangelism.  Instead, this strategy is about building a relationship in order to share the Gospel.


P: PRAY for them.  Pray for them to know Jesus, be open to the Gospel, and to be changed by it.

L: LISTEN to them. Listen to their struggles, hear what’s going on in their lives.  Hear the things that they do, they places they go, and the things they’re involved in.

E: EAT with them. Eat a meal with them.  Spend some time time over coffee or dinner growing your relationship with the people you are praying for.  Relationships grow quickly over food.

A: ACTIVELY SERVE them.  After you’ve been praying for them, listening to them, and eating with them, you’ve likely uncovered some way, whether large or small, to serve them.  Take action and serve them.

D: DIVE into the Gospel.  When the opportunity presents itself, share the Good News of Jesus and how He changed your life.  Be bold!  Don’t run from the chance.  Build the relationship first though.

The Lord has called all believers to be ministers of reconciliation.  God is making his appeal through His people and He is bringing the nations to us here in Houston.  We just have to be obedient if we want to see a harvest.

Easter at CityView!


All too frequently hope is missing or misplaced. This year on Easter, Pastor Jason talked about where our hope is found, and how it connects to the story of the cross.





Love? Marriage? Parenting? Relationships? They all require work…HARD WORK.  They are not easy.  It would help to know what they are all about and what God’s plan is for each of them.  Join us on 2/14, 2/21, 2/28, 3/6 as we explore these areas from Ephesians 5.22-6.4.

Come learn about God’s plan for our Homework at 10am.

Prayer Journey 2016


On January 10, 2016 we started a new series called Reach Higher.  I challenged CityView to Reach Higher for an extraordinary existence.  This IS NOT a life noted by a prosperity existence where everyone is wealthy, no one is sick and everybody always gets what they want.  No, instead this is a life focused on the gospel; a life focused on who Jesus is and what He’s done.  This is a life that is seeking what matters.  This is a life that is seeking Jesus.  This is a life that is seeking to make an exponential and eternal impact for the Kingdom.  We want CityView Church Reaching Higher for the sake of the gospel in our area in 2016.

In that vein I wanted to begin to make that challenge more practical.  We did this in two ways:

  1. We challenged our people to make Top 10 lists of people who are far from God.  Pray for these people and share the gospel with these people. In short we want to make going to Hell hard in Pearland, TX.
  2. We also began to lay a larger vision – A property purchase for a permanent home for CityView.  We want to demonstrate to our community that we are going to be making gospel-centered disciples of Jesus and planting churches from Pearland, TX for the long haul. We’ll be sharing more details of this big vision in weeks to come.

To help focus towards these two practical ends we asked people to take a Prayer Journey which can be downloaded below.   Prayer Journey 2016 (PDF)

We want to make the gospel clear.  We want to make much of Jesus.  We want to make going to Hell hard in Pearland, TX.

Christ is all,

Pastor Jason

Reach Higher



When the calendar changes from one year to the next everyone has resolutions.  Everyone sets goals for the new year.

  • “I want to lose weight”
  • “I want to read more”
  • “I want to save more”

The sad thing is most of those goals are forgotten by February…if not sooner.  Why does that happen?  There are lots of reasons like lack of discipline or poor planning or circumstances change and the goal becomes impossible.

But a lot of times the goal is forgotten because it just isn’t inspiring enough.  We don’t reach higher because the thing we are reaching for just isn’t worth what it takes to get there.  The goal isn’t worth the grit.

Reach Higher is a series about goals that matter.  Reach Higher is a series about living a life with purpose.  Reach Higher is a call to make the Gospel clear in this world and our area.

Reach Higher starts January 10th at 10am at CityView Church (get directions here).

New Member Class


Our next New Member class will be after worship on Sunday, October 8 from 11:45-1:45. Childcare is provided.  A light lunch will be served.  Please signup below.

We’ll discuss what it means to be a member of CityView. We’ll talk about:

  • Membership Process.
  • CVC Membership Standards.
  • Next Steps in the process.
  • Answer any and all questions you might have regarding membership at CityView Church!
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