CityView Owns Land!

Prayerfully, we set out in January of 2016 to find a long-term home for CityView Church of Pearland.  After months of searching CityView Church owns land!  We were able to close on the land the last week of January and we now own 5 acres.  The 5 acre tract is located on Manvel Road (1128) and roughly 500ft from the Bailey intersection near Massey Ranch Elementary School.  The land is mostly cleared and undeveloped.  This is a gigantic blessing for us and a monumental step forward and the only one we have to thank is our Lord who made it possible.  5-acres-1128-bailey

Next Step

We kicked off our prayerful search for land on our 2nd Anniversary.  Because God is faithful and gracious to us we were able to announce the purchase of land on our 3rd Anniversary.  Now we begin looking at our next step.

What If…

What if we were able to break ground on our property by our 4th Anniversary? What if we could talk about God’s faithfulness to us again and show it in tangible ways to our community here in Pearland?

What if on our 5th Anniversary we were celebrating inside of our own building? Wouldn’t that be unbelievable?  It almost seems too far beyond us.  It is.

It is beyond us.  But that’s what CityView Church is about.  We want to look beyond ourselves and see God act in big, powerful ways that get Him glory.  That’s the idea behind our vision of making gospel-centered disciples of Jesus and planting 100 churches in 25 years in the Houston area.  That sounds too big for us, but we’re doing it.  CityView has sent 3 planters since it’s founding. The fourth planter is on the way.  Lord willing Nathan Law will be on the ground this Spring serving at CityView and preparing to plant a church in the near future.

We need God to show up to make the big vision of CityView happen.  We need to rely on Him in this smaller plan of a long-term home for CityView as well.  We’ve seen him do amazing things already.  He’s used us in the planting of churches in Houston already.  He can use us as stewards of his resources again in this endeavor.

Now What?

On February 5, 2017 I asked the people of CityView to pray about how they might sacrifice for this plan of a long-term home for CityView Pearland and shared our goal of raising $207,500 in the calendar year 2017. We asked our people to pray and commit.  We believe this goal can be accomplished if the people of this church come together and sacrifice for the vision of what God is doing in Pearland and Houston through CityView Church.

If you’re interested in contributing, we’d appreciate it!  You can do it here:

Christ is all,

Pastor Jason